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Say HELLO!  to the Mighty Beetle!

The world’s most affordable educational MCU and IoT digital learning platform

Why Mighty Beetle

Mighty Beetle is 10x cheaper than the competition and packed with great technology!​

Teach physical computing, coding, engineering, design thinking, problem solving and creativity with this multifunctional device. Incorporate IoT technology across learning disciplines!

Mighty Beetle features

Mighty Beetle features:

  • Built-in applications work with our Blocky-style coding interface

  • The digital learning platform and ecosystem are open-sourced and free to use!

  • Community access allows educators to share apps, projects and lessons

  • Fun and interactive way to teach physical computing

  • The AI teaching assistant provides customized content, tracks KPIs and improves the entire learning process!

  • Perfect for kids ages 9+

  • A cost effective solution, 10x cheaper than the competition!

  • Fully compatible with lego-style building blocks - incorporate engineering elements!

  • WiFi enabled, portable and accessible via mobile device - works both on and offline!

Marble Surface

Mighty Beetle Services:

  • EdTech Product R&D

  • Developing Curriculum in the field of physical computing

  • Developing Lesson Plans in the field of physical computing

  • Developing Educational Manuals in the field of physical computing

  • Mighty Beetle Introductory Workshop & Webinar

  • Certification of teachers in application of Mighty Beetle

  • Onsite Teaching and Online Teaching with EdTech Product for K12

  • Organize Competitions with EdTech Product

  • Product development consulting in the field of physical computing

  • Software development consulting in the field of physical computing


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